We have been lucky enough to be part of the Hibbing Sports community for the last 10 years.

We are hoping one of these two Patreon Plan’s will work for fans of our sports photography.

$5 a month – with $1 a month going to create a scholarship for students in the arts. This would give us some money to offset the cost and time of taking all the sports photos. It doesn’t grant you access to the un watermarked photos but we will continue to post the photos here and on facebook and other social media outlets.


$15 a month – with the items mentioned above.


You get access to the photos we post during the month, with an understanding sometimes it takes us up to a week to edit an events photos. The access would include un watermarked photos and release to print them for yourself.

Priority for an event and coverage. We need some sort of contact letting us know what event is coming up and who or what might be happening that you want us to cover. Someone win’s there 50th Match – scores their 1000th point so on. We do have the right to turn down a request just because we do have personal and booked events already in the books. We also have to look at if the event is local or on the road. As much as we would love to be at every sporting event – sometimes we aren’t able to make it.

Request each month for an old event to be put online for all $15 members to have access too, Had a child play hockey in 2013 or someone in Wrestling in 2019.

Our goal is to make this site and our photos a permanent collection for the residents of Hibbing. We are hoping that with a steady income we can afford to continue to show up and capture events.

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